1 Day to Go!

It’s 5 PM and this place is humming with last minute preparations. Steve has cleaned, lubed, and successfully dismantled his bike and has it carefully padded inside its case. The need for another large bag is apparent so we can get the 4 panniers and their accompanying racks to Oregon with us. The confounding factor in this is that we each get two pieces of luggage….2 X 2 is 4. Well, I’m the only one flying back so negotiating 4 bags (one of which is a large hard-shell bike case) could be a challenge. Steve’s hoping that my small piece of luggage and one of the bags he’s using for some of his gear will fit inside the bike case. Then I’ll have only 2!!!

The forecast for our destination in Oregon is 90 degrees today. But…by Sunday when he’s to begin the ride, the 70s and showers are in the forecast. Hmmmm….he may put his new rain gear to use right away.

Thanks for all the cool comments. We’ve also received a ton of emails today. It’s quite heart-warming. Love to you all! –Diane

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  1. We are so anxious for all of you. What a tremendous accomplishment and adventure for you to go through and for us to dream with you. Thanks for sharing your moments. Carter is amazed that someone could actually bike across Nebraska, let alone the entire U.S.

    You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers –
    Beth and gang.

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