We are in Oregon – at a hotel in Portland. As Barb would say “One more go-to-bed!”

The plane ride out was eventful. After sitting on the runway at Ohare for 40 minutes we finally took off. Then headwinds finished us off and we missed our connecting flight – despite an airport sprint. These new rules about closing the doors 10 minutes before take off did us in. The next flight was in 45 minutes, so it turned out okay. The luggage made it, the bike made it, and somewhere in the middle of the night we got to the hotel. Fresh baked cookies were waiting, so it was all good!

We watched the weather this morning. It is going to be warmer, cooler, cloudy, sunny, showers, thunderstorms, and snow. So I guess I’ll just get up tomorrow morning and ride.

Tomorrow’s ride is from Bandon to Roseburg, 80 some miles. 🙂


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  1. hey steve! i just wanted to wish you good luck on your adventures!

    i’m excited to read about them.


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