May 31, 2005

Steve called tonight and he rode solo 53 miles today. His route went from Susan Creek to Diamond Lake. His ride was cold, windy, with sprinkles, and an elevation gain of 4,000 feet. It took him 6 solid hours of biking to accomplish this ride today. Needless to say, he was wiped out tonight! He is camping in the National Park there, so there are some other campers in the area tonight. Tomorrow he’ll have a big breakfast before heading out to Silver Lake. If you haven’t done so yet, please check out the newest photos under “Diane’s Photos”! And don’t be afraid to try leaving a comment where it says, “No Comments or 1 Comment or 2 Comments.”
—‘Til later….Diane

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  1. Steve,

    Mom has been keeping me up to date on your adventure! Our prayers are with you as you are traveling! We pray that others that you meet along the way will see the light in you! Good luck and Godspeed!


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