A Day of Rest

Steve took today to rest and stay put in the little motel in Silver Lake. We’ve been warned that there is not much between Silver Lake and Riley. We’ve tried searching for restaurants, gas stations, campgrounds, and motels to no avail both on the internet and in campground guides. So, he’ll be up early, stopping for breakfast in Christmas Valley (he’s been told that there’s a restaurant), and may be biking up to 100 miles tomorrow unless he finds a place to stay at the 75-80 mile mark. Fortunately the temperatures are moderate so he’ll conserve on water. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks for your prayers! ~~Diane

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  1. Wow! We looked through all the pictures! Theo loves his bike, so he’s thinking maybe he’d like to do what Mr. Felt is doing! Mom says GO FOR IT, but maybe we need to learn to ride without training wheels before we plan a trip. heehee
    Thanks for sharing the webisite with your preschoolers, Mrs. Felt. It’s so nice for them to see you out of the class…as “real” people.
    Best of luck for a safe, fulfilling and extraordinary trip. Inspiring!! Really, really neat. We’ll for sure be checking in!
    Sara Szydlowski and Theo

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