Arriving in Bruneau

Not to be confused with the “Return of Bruno” 🙂

Steve is out of cell coverage again, but was able to make a call from a pay-phone to Diane last night. He had just ridden into Bruneau, Idaho and was heading out of town a couple miles to the Bruneau Dunes State Park, home of “the largest single-structured sand dune in North America, with a peak 470 feet above the lakes.”

That’s a pretty big dune.

His plan for today is to make it to Twin Falls, getting a little closer to the center of the state. He should be riding along the Snake River with some pretty cool canyon and valley views at times.

As a side note, I’m not sure if he realizes, but there’s a chance that he’ll be riding through the town of Bliss today. Besides the fact that everybody wants to live in “Bliss”, it also happens to be the home of the Archie Boyd Teater Studio, the only Frank Lloyd Wright house located in Idaho. Archie Boyd, Frank Lloyd… hmmmm.

Anyhow, today would be Frank’s birthday, which is the reason for finding all of these crazy coincidences. I would recommend checking out this article on the Teater Studio, it has some cool pictures of the house and some scenery shots of what Steve might be looking at.

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  1. Steve,

    Lucas got your postcard today – quite speedy! Great card!

    Scott and I are both interested in joining you for a stint in Montana/Wyoming. There may be complications with the timing. I will be free to ride on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have class conflicts the rest of the week. I think Scott has the same situation with his work.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Diane soon. Keep on ped’l’in’.


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