Day 14, June 11, 2005 – Massacre Rocks to Idaho Falls

After leaving Aberdeen, ID and cruising along, I heard the rumble of motorcycles catching me. The lead biker buzzed by me, very close. The rest of the group gave me a wide berth. Before they were out of sight, I saw them turn off.

About 45 minutes later, I read the rumble of motorcyclists again. And, sure enough, the lead biker buzzed by me, very close. They disappeared into the distance.

Later, as I entered Blackfoot, ID. I looked at the map for a park to rest and relax for a bit. Making a couple turns to head for the park, I pass a parking lot. There they are! The lead biker sees me and I hear him say “There’s our guy.” We wave and I go on my way.

The park turns out to be a bust, but I find my way to the East Idaho Fair Grounds which is open and turns out to be a nice place to take a break. Within a few minutes I here the bikes fire up and I see them head north.

45 minutes later as I’m heading north to Idaho Falls, I see a group of motorcycles approaching. This time, the guy who buzzed me is no longer there, but they all recognize me. We wave.


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