Bozeman, MT

Day 10, June 7, 2005 – Bruneau Dunes State Park.

I only know a handful of people in Bozeman, MT. But without fail, if I meet somebody from Bozeman, within a few minutes we find somebody we know in common.

At the campsite tonight I met a couple of guys working for the state in some form doing reviews and inventories of the state parks. They noticed the bike and we started talking about bike trips. I told them I was heading to Yellowstone and they started giving me all sorts of tips on where to ride. When I commented that they new the area well, one of them said he used to live in Bozeman. Within a few minutes we settled on Lonnie, a friend of Laurie (Diane’s sister) and Tom’s (Laurie’s husband) as our person in common.

Without fail.


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