Buhl, ID – “Buhl is What America Was”

According to the history of Buhl, Idaho:

Much to the dismay of some early residents, the town was laid out in the same diagonal design as the city of Twin Falls. Normally a town is laid out in a north-south, east-west direction for ease of finding places, but the Buhl town site was arranged to get the most benefit from the sun.

Lesson learned? Don’t go North on Main Street, you’ll probably hit a building.

Steve finished up 86 miles of riding today in diagonal Buhl. He said that he spent a lot of time climbing today. Between that and stopping at several intersections to pick the best route, he ended up falling below average at 11.8mph… Close enough.

I passed on the information from John’s comment about his first long bike ride. Steve was excited to hear that, and he says that the areas he’s riding through right now are very beautiful. He did get to see the Thousand Springs today, although I didn’t have a chance to ask him too much about it, and he’s looking forward to doing some sight seeing tomorrow after a shorter ride to Twin Falls. He’s going to try and see the Evil Kneivel spot, although I don’t think he’ll listen to my suggestion to try jumping the canyon on a bike. I know he’s planning on seeing at least one of the major waterfalls, we’ll find out later which one he picks.

On a side note, he also ran into some cyclists from Bozeman. After talking to them, Steve thinks that they might know Tom and/or one of his friends (I’m forgetting the name now…). They were able to give him some suggestions on routes to the west entrance of Yellowstone. I think that may have helped quite a bit with planning for the next few days.

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