Continental Divide

Day 18, June 15, 2005

I crossed the Continental Divide yesterday going over Targhee Pass. I crossed it twice in Yellowstone today.

There is the possibility that I cross it six more times, counting 1 for entering the Great Divide Basin and counting 1 for leaving the Great Divide Basin.

Isa Lake in Yellowstone sits right on the Continental Divide. One side flows out and eventually joins the Atlantic, the other side flows out and eventually joins the Pacific.



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  1. Steve,
    I loved the pictures and the captions that went along with them. I have always wanted to travel across the country but this still is not the way for me. Gene always said that roughing meant, “no ocean view”. Since there is no ocean in the center of the country, I will just take a nice warm/cool bed that is dry. It seems as if you are having the time of your life. Enjoy!!! Debi

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