I started out on a quest to find the best peach pie in America. But it is not the season for peaches, and in the high desert of Oregon, fresh fruit is hard to acquire. I’m paying 60 cents for one banana at a mini-market. When I finally got to Ontario, OR, I was charged 30 cents for an orange and two bananas.

But, there still has been some excellent food. So, here is the best of the best:
Best pancakes – The Trail Cafe in Christmas Valley, OR. I don’t know how they do it, but the pancakes are huge, light, fluffy, and tasty. I ate two plate size pancakes that stacked about an inch high each.
Best cake – The Ilahee restaurant in Glide, OR. This German Chocolate Cake was so good – unbelievable. And the slice they give you is enough for a group of five. I shared a couple bites with Dewaine and Shelly, but ate the rest myself.
Best burger – Tubby’s in Myrtle Point was in the running until I ate at the Silver Lake Cafe. Every bite was juicy, flavorful, and satisfying. Great burger!

I’ll keep trying, but I think the peach pie quest will not get serious until Illinois and Indiana. Until then, I’ll keep eating. Anything I can.


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