Ghost Town Accommodations

Well, unbelievably I heard from Steve again tonight. This time he was calling from Jeffrey City, Wyoming….a bonafide ghost town…and a 76 mile ride from Lander. When he called he was on his cell phone as there’s no pay phone in a ghost town. We still find it remarkable how Verizon has come through for us.

His tent is pitched beneath the rooftop of a Lion’s Club picnic shelter. Since he couldn’t stake his tent, he had to tie it to rocks that he found strewn around the area. Not only was he calling on his cell phone, he was calling from the comfortable surrounds of his little tent with every zipper tightly zipped to keep out the swarming mosquitoes. For anyone who knows Steve and mosquitoes, he breaks out in big nasty welts from their bites. So, envision if you will a bicyclist ducking in the shelter of his tent, he’s warm, sweaty, and probably stinky. There are no showers, but thank goodness for those cool, moist Wet Wipes that he has. No toilets….bad news. No stores..oh yeah, he said that there is a tavern down the road if he’s really desperate. It’s windy, in the mid 80s… get the picture. Not very pretty I’m afraid. Bless him tonight as I would imagine he’s feeling a tad bit uncomfortable.

There are thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight. Besides the threat of scattered thunderstorms tomorrow, he will likely face some pretty stiff winds from the SW, meaning crosswinds to challenge him. He said tonight that tomorrow night he’ll have earned a motel room! Amen.

Stephanie and I leave for Colorado tomorrow on our road trip. Back in B-town Jeremy will be our pinch hitter once again and I’m sure will keep the website lively. Our kids are awesome. Steph’s taken really great care of Zaney and the house. And Jeremy’s one exceptional webmaster. — Love, Diane

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  1. Steve…
    Randy Schuldt told me about your quest today, so I checked out your site. I have forever wanted to do something like your doing! Life is so busy. I will be following your progress, and will be wishing you all the best. You pics are wonderful! If you come through Cincinnati give us a shout!

    Ray Rissel

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