Nampa near the valley, not Napa Valley

If you took highway 84 down to Nampa from Ontario, it would end up being about 44 miles… Today’s ride took many, many different roads other than highway 84 and lasted for 74 miles, finally coming to a stop in Nampa.

It sounds like Steve is glad to be out of Oregon for the moment. He’s seeing more signs of civilization in the western part of Idaho than he did in the middle of Oregon. His plan (I think) is to keep heading south and east, ride along the Snake River to avoid the mountains for a while, and then head up into Montana. All subject to change, of course.

Now, a couple of the questions that have been asked in the comments have filtered through the grapevine to Steve. I was able to get the answer to one of them when I talked to him tonight, and the other one I already knew the answer to…

Emma: “Are you tired?”

Jeremy: I’ve noticed that he hasn’t sounded tired at all when I’ve talked to him… Tonight, I found out for sure. He’s definitely tired at the end of a long day. Spending day after day on the bike isn’t easy work, but he said that his legs still feel good, and nothing is “bad” tired yet. He said that it wasn’t anything like when we rode our first RAGBRAI and were very tired. So the answer is yes, but in a good way.

And the other:

Shirley: “does Steve have a laptop or other way to record his daily trek?”

Jeremy: Yup. Steve is keeping a journal on the trip. I’m not sure what all is going in it and what may or may not be shared, but it has to be a great opportunity to get some of your best thoughts down on paper. He also needs some place for the “rode 74 miles, 12mph, wind from SW” kind of stuff.

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