Nederland, Colorado

No…not Neverland, but Nederland. Steph and I left Estes Park about 10:00 this morning and are enroute to Centennial. We were driving along a Colorado Scenic Byway, when I needed to use a restroom. Alas, go to the public library when none is available elsewhere! And, the temptation to send a quick posting to the website overcame me when I noticed their computer lab with free internet access!!

Just so ya’all know, Steve’s 51st birthday is tomorrow. It’ll be fun for him to celebrate his birthday with Steph and I, his parents John & Lois, sister Meri, and little niece Hailey. At this moment, Steve, Meri, and Hailey in her little Burley trailer are riding from Standley Lake to Centennial. John & Lois drove Meri and Hailey up to Standley Lake this morning and from what I understand will meet them along the way to retrieve Hailey since she’ll likely not be up for the entire ride.

So, from Nederland, have a great day! The mountains are gorgeous, the skies are blue with meandering puffy white clouds casting their shadows below. The streams are running rapidly with late snow melt from the upper elevations. Sunny, upper 60s, low humidity….can’t get better than this. We’ll keep praying for rain for here and the midwest though as we know it’s been awfully dry. The threat of wildfires is high in this region and back in the midwest we’re suffering from drought conditions. ‘Til later…..Diane

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