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Day 15, June 12, 2005 – Idaho Falls to Swan Valley

Johnny B and Karen called last night. They are on their way down from Bozeman so John can ride with me to Swan Valley.

We met in the morning at the continental breakfast and discussed the day. Finally, at 11:30 we took off. We stopped three blocks later to put our rain gear on. It rained and drizzled most of the way. To add to the enjoyment, a brisk wind from the south west fought us most of the way. And it was chilly. A really fun bicycling day!

We stopped in Ririe for Gummy Bears and a donut while waiting out a shower cloud. The wait did not help.

Later at a rest stop, Karen was waiting for us with Gummy Bears and Red Vines. Thanks Karen!

The wind finally let up a bit and we made peace with the day, finding the right pace to fit the rain and wind.

As we entered Swan Valley, the highway crossed the Snake River. The Snake spreads out forming multiple channels and marshes. The rain filled clouds settled low on the shoulders of the surrounding hills shutting off the outside world. Fishermen, some in row boats, some in waders, dotted the river. As we road up a small rise, two travelers on the side of the road waved and gave us the thumbs-up. Four pelicans flying in formation came down the river. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks.

Karen had already secured a place at Sleepy J’s Cabins – with a bicyclist discount. A beer was waiting for John. Coffee and tea were waiting for me.

A perfect cycling day!


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