Not That Ontario

Steve finished Oregon

8 days into the trip and Steve has completed Oregon… Except for a small mile or two, which will be finished tomorrow. Might as well be in Idaho though, looks the same.

He rode 73 miles today and is relaxing in a motel with a copy of Rand Mcnally’s “Idaho”. Planning on a late start tomorrow so that he can get a little bit more rest and to make sure that he chooses the best option for riding through Idaho.

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  1. Jeremy, I am so awed, proud for Steve and you all as his family that he is accomplishing this amazing feat! I love following the website and looking in my Atlas to see where he’s at. I do have a ? : does Steve have a laptop or other way to record his daily trek? or a journal; I saw…; I met…; I felt… etc. I do NOT expect to be privy to anything but I was just curious if each day was recorded somehow. My love and prayers for Steve and all of you as well. Shilrey

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