Population: 2

Steve left Silver Lake, OR early this morning in anticipation of possibly needing to go up to 100 miles due to lack of civilization. And he called it correctly! There was a gas station in Wagontire…the only standing structure. They only sold gas, period. Needless to say, it was best for him to continue. So he had 98 miles in the little black saddle today! He’s in Riley, OR (population 2), which is at the junction of Route 395 and US 20. The good news is that there is a gas station/post office with a parking lot. Two RVs, who have pulled in this evening, and Steve in his tent will make the parking lot qualify as a campground for the night! Cell phone reception was very poor, but we’re relieved that he was at least able to make a brief, static-filled call home none the less. Looking at the map, the Idaho border looks to be 125-130 miles, which will likely be a 2 day ride.

Thank you to so many of you who are logging onto our site to check his status. Steve and I are grateful to our son Jeremy for creating and managing the website. We hope that you’ll find it interesting to see Steve’s progress. If you would like a map of your own to follow, we found that AAA has some good ones.
~~’Til later….Diane

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  1. Hi Diane,

    We’re glad your doing this. We can keep tabs on Steve. Wish him well and a safe journey!

    Mike & Cherie

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