Public Libraries

When Steve left, he told everyone that he was going to try and stop in public libraries along the way and use any available internet connection to check the website and post his stories. There’s been a few problems with that plan:

  • Silver Creek, OR – Steve was there on a Wednesday, library is only open on Monday.
  • Burns, OR – Steve rode through and stopped for breakfast, library doesn’t open until noon.
  • Ontario, OR – Steve was there on a Monday…. the only day their closed.

The lesson learned? Everybody in Ontario drives to Silver Creek on Mondays when they want to go to the library.

p.s.— An update on Wagontire. Steve says that the new owners of the town are still looking for somebody to manage it. A retired couple is holding down the gas station, and working for free, but that’s not a long term solution. Candidates must enjoy long periods of solitude, staring at gas pumps all day, and an occasional visitor traveling cross-country.

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  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Love your sense of humor!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    We are all praying for continued safe travel.

    PS-Steve should write a book on his adventure across America.

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