Rawlins, Wyoming

Steve just called and he rode 69 miles from Jeffrey City to Rawlins today. The wind was sometimes with him, against him, right at him, not a factor, or behind him. He said that overall the wind was his biggest challenge today. This morning he awoke to find a pronghorn antelope grazing next to the shelter where his tent was pitched. Along his route today he descended slightly into the Great Divide Basin. Surrounding this basin are ridges and hills. He had a fairly steep climb to negotiate once he was across the Basin. I asked him what wildlife he’s seen besides the antelope and he said he thought a badger crossed the road, but some rabbits…none looked like jackrabbits…some prairie dogs. The terrain has been very dry with sage brush and tumbleweeds for vegetation. He had lunch at Grandma’s Cafe in Lamont today. Tonight he’s going to enjoy the Day’s Inn in Rawlins where he’ll get to shower, do laundry, and sleep in a bed. Ya all take care now! –Diane

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