Susan’s Creek Campground

Laura, Dewaine, and Chayse have left and I’m on my own. It was great to have friends riding with the first two days. It let me ease into the reality of starting this trip.

The campground is beautiful, and as you guessed, right next to Susan’s Creek. The campground host is a Philly Flyer fan. We commiserated for a bit on the lack of a hockey season. He has moved around the country quite a bit, but was always able to watch the Flyers. Not this season.

Bob, drawn by the bike, stopped by as I was fixing dinner. Bob and Joyce were on their way back from a vacation in Alaska. Bob did a bike tour of Michigan (right after high school?). He looked for city parks to spend the night, preferably those with picnic benches underneath a pavillion. Bob had no tent! The next day Bob took a couple pictures of me riding up the road, and he has emailed me the pictures. As soon as I get them deciphered I will get them posted.


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