Swans and Ice Cream

Yes, that Swan Valley. The home of the “World Famoussquare ice cream cone. I wish I could provide a picture, but none seem to exist. According to several random sites on the Internet, it’s been a world famous attraction since 1943. I asked Steve about it, and he and John stopped in the Rainey Creek Country Store, saw it in it’s amazing square glory, but were too full from dinner and desert already to give it a go.

Part 2 of the “Rainey Creek” mystery is the spelling of Rainey. You would think that it means rainy as in wet and rains all the time, but (in the words of Webster) Rainey is not Rainy. So, I just spent about an hour searching through different census records trying to find the Rainey responsible, and while there are an insane number of Rainey’s from Idaho, I can’t find any from Swan Valley. But I bet one of the others in Idaho named the creek.

Enough of that.

Steve and John (a.k.a Johnny B) rode 43 miles in a steady drizzle today from Idaho Falls. Steve said that he used his rain gear the whole time… hopefully John had something like that. Riding long distances in rain has a tendency to make your feet sore.

Tomorrow, Steve will head north on route 31, crossing over a mountain pass into more flat territory, going through Victor, Driggs, Tetonia, and one other soon to be revealed town. He’s looking at finishing in Ashton with many tales about said “soon to be revealed town” to entertain us all.

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