Sweetwater & Jeffrey City, WY

Steve just called from Sweetwater Station, Wyoming. Yes, they have advanced since the Pony Express and stagecoach era with a rest area and Conoco station. Verizon Wireless doesn’t work there so fortunately there was access to a pay phone. He’s ridden 56 miles so far and will go another 20 to Jeffrey City. He’s been told that they allow people to just pitch a tent anywhere. I asked him who “they” are since it’s a ghost town. 🙂 Yes, he’s stocking up on food and water since he knows that he’s heading into an area with a slim chance or no chance of water or food. The temps are in the 80s today and right now he’s taking a break to wait out a thunderstorm passing through the area. Since he’s one of the highest points as he pedals along, he doesn’t want to play with lightning.

This morning he decided to investigate a place he’d been told about outside of Lander where the Sweetwater River literally flows out of the mountainside. It’s referred to as a sink. This investigation added an additional 15 miles to his day and he said now that he regrets it ’cause he’d be near Jeffrey City by this time. I asked if he saw this sink feature, and yes he did, but it wasn’t a big deal. I give him credit for checking it out though…that’s part of the fun of Stevie’s great adventure. –Diane

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