The Oasis

Somewhere in the middle of Oregon is an Oasis… and Steve found it today. After 86 miles of “not as flat as he thought“, he stopped in Juntura for the night, pitching his tent at the Oasis Motel and Restaurant.

From the looks of it on the map, Juntura is a metropolis in comparison to Riley. Meaning… they have an RV park as well as a motel.

Not too many details– everything has just been relayed from a bad payphone in Juntura to a cell phone (Diane’s) in Irving, CA to another cell phone (Me), and up on the website… We’ll see how accurate we are later.

Day 8 is looking to be a good one. If Steve can make it another 70 or so miles on Highway 20, he’ll pass the border into potato country as well as hit the 500 mile mark.

Are we there yet?

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