Trail Ridge Road: Closer Than You Think

US Highway 34

Yesterday, Steve rode the beautiful and historic Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park. The part you may not have known is that he was on the same highway as many of us drive to work on every day– the not so beautiful, but still somewhat historic, US Highway 34, known to me as Ogden Ave.

According to various road geeks, the highway became a highway in 1926 and originally ended in Council Bluffs, IA. From there it’s gone through many changes, and now ends about 60 miles away from where Steve is right now. He’ll be off of US-34 soon if he isn’t already, but who knows, if he pays attention (probably doesn’t care) and rejoins the road later on, he might even be able to take US-34 through Aurora, Nebrasa on his way towards Aurora, Illinois.

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