Update on Bliss

I left a message on Steve’s phone this morning, filling him in on the whole Frank Lloyd Wright story just in case he happened to pass through Bliss and check his voicemail in time. Go figure.. he did.

He decided to turn on his cell phone while he was stopped in Bliss just to see if he had coverage. After listening to the message and talking to Barb back at work while she was reading the post, he decided to try and find it. Asking the blissful locals led him to River Road, just off of Route 30. It wasn’t really a detour from the planned path, so he went down the very steep and twisty road to look for the Teater studio– and unfortunately didn’t find it.

A picture was taken of a house with a flat roof that could have been it, but we won’t know until we study it a little more. Hopefully he’ll have a chance to post it in the near future. Oh well, he got to do some sight seeing anyway, and while trying to search for the address, I learned a lot about the water zoning in Bliss and Hagerman. Never know, may come in handy never.

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