West Thumb?

I talked to Diane last night and they are both in Yellowstone Park today! Steve rode from West Yellowstone to West Thumb. I think he rode onto Lake Village in the park…but I can not find it on a map, although, here is a little map of part of Yellowstone, so you can see where he ended up. Either way, I know he rode 70 miles.

They are looking forward to hiking and Johnny B is meeting up with Steve sometime to bike through part of Yellowstone.

I’m not sure if I got all this right…but it should be cleared up soon! 🙂

By they way…which thumb is your west thumb??

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  1. Hey Steve- Thanks for the update on your trip thus far. We enjoyed your story about the Canadian Geese. Jovonte dislikes the geese where we golf, he says they are mean because if he tries to walk to hit his golf ball they hiss and put their wings up. A little intimidating, espceially for a 6 year old. When are you planning on being in Iowa, and where, so we might have a chance to see you??
    I bet you are glad to see Diane. Give each other a squeeze for us!!
    We are having a great time following your progress. Keep on biking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Ya!!
    T,S,S, and J

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