West Yellowstone

Hi everyone! I talked to Steve again last night. He was spending the night in West Yellowstone, Montana after riding 56 miles. He sounded good to me! It sounds like he’s looking forward to spending time in Bozeman with friends and family…and of course Diane!! He’s also looking forward to posting his thoughts and pictures!

Those who where wondering, he had Butter Pecan ice cream in Ashton. Although he thought Shauny and Vonte’s ideas sounded very good.

Also, another definition to take note of panthiestic: a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe. He says it’ll all make sense.

Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing the pictures and finding out about the ride.

Oh! I almost forgot, he was checking out the Upper Mesa Falls the other day, just as a ranger was setting up a long scope to check out some bald eagles. Steve got to see two parent bald eagles feeding at least 3 babies in a nest. He said it was very cool! I can imagine!

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  1. Stephanie, as you know, Diane and I go to see the bald eagles and we never get to see mom feeding the babies. I am jealous. How terrrific for Steve; but catching those sites is what makes this trip that much more special. I hope he got pictures.

    By the way, Brennan is coming for a visit so if you want to stop by to visit feel free, (call first); or I might stop by the Dahlstroms. Let me know when you will be home if you want to see the most gorgeous child in the world. Spoken like a grandma. Debi

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