I have been very fortunate so far. The wind has been helpful or neutral – until today.

As I set out from the ghost town – and it really was spooky – the wind was from the southwest and helping me. I covered 15 miles in the first hour. Then the wind switched to the east-south-east and it took me an hour to ride the next 7 miles to Muddy Gap. From Muddy Gap all through the Great Divide Basin, the wind was from the south-south-west and daring me to go faster than 8 miles an hour. I thought it was going to take all day to get to Rawlins. Finally, on the climb out of the basin, the wind shifted more to the west and lessened. The climb became reasonable. After getting out of the basin, the wind shifted again and picked up strength. It was from behind and across, feeling like from the northwest. I raced to Rawlins at 20+ miles an hour just beating the rainstorm. But at times, the wind would literally blow me 5 feet sideways – thank goodness for wide shoulders!

One more wind story. This one is set back in Oregon. I was coming down Drinkwater Pass, cruising along at 25 mph. The wind was from the right, but gentle. Ahead of me I noticed a dirt road came in from the left. The dirt from the road was blowing like crazy from the left. Hmm. I took a firm grip on the handlebars. Seconds before I reached the dirt road I was blasted by a gust from the right. Then, still recovering, I was blasted by a gust from the left. Dazed and confused, the wind then hit me full force from the front. The wind slowed me from 25 mph to 15 mph almost immediately. Then, all the the gusts were gone and the situation returned to normal.


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  1. Steve,
    I really enjoy checking out your progress on your trip, I am truly impressed how you are peddling accross the country all alone and how you must be enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences you are having. I cant wait to get home each day to check your progress. I find it so interesting the many stories that you have to share. I have always loved the mountain areas and am facinated with your many encounters with the many towns, people and mother nature.
    Diane, Jeremy and Steph are also doing a fantastic job with the different postings as they can also, what a great web site!!!
    We are so glad that all is going well and look forward to seeing you in July. Until then GET R Done at 12mph.

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