98 degrees at 7 PM

Guess that kind of sums it up!! Yep….more of the same. Heat, humidity, and a wind from the south. The heat index was up over 100. Enough already, where’s the cool wave? Despite a brief rain this morning, the area is still suffering from drought conditions. We understand that it’ll only be worse as we go eastward and are bracing ourselves as to the condition of our lawn and landscaping.

Steve left Belle Plaine around 8:30 this morning with Hannah joining him down the rest of her block, complete with her helmet, “Hannah” license plate, handlebar streamers, and training wheels. He did get held up by some rain in Marengo and took shelter in a gas station while the front moved through. Then he headed south out of Marengo to a county road that went east towards Iowa City. About 6 miles beyond Williamsburg, we met my cousins Doug, Bonnie, and Bonnie’s husband Mike who drove out from North Libery to locate Steve along his route. We had an hour long chat in a farm drive and were pleased to see them. Bonnie also brought along nice and cold bottles of water for everyone, which was very refreshing.

When Steve reached Iowa City, he called his cousin Jim, who is a professor at the University of Iowa, and Jim joined us for a visit over a cold glass of pop. It has been 7 years since we last saw Jim, so it was super to catch up with him.

Steve rode 75.3 miles today and was very relieved to reach Lone Tree, which is south of Iowa City. My sister Sue, brother-in-law Tom, niece Shaundria, and nephew Jovonte are hosting us overnight. It’s great to be in yet another loving home! And, I might add, it’s great to have air-conditioning!

Before I left Belle Plaine today I had coffee with Lillian, Irene, Cindy, Bev, Wink, Russell, Ruth, and cousin Irene at the Lincoln Cafe. It was good to see some of these dear friends and family members, who after my parents’ deaths serve as a great connection to a rich past of great friendships and good memories. I count my blessings to have them in my life.

Just a few minutes ago Steve commented that tomorrow he’s not in a hurry to leave, but will take his time. He hasn’t had a day off since July 3!! I know that as much as he enjoys biking each day, he’ll be ready for a two-day break when we arrive back home this Saturday.

Several people have asked Steve lately if he gets lonely. Well, he said that he doesn’t feel lonely despite often riding alone. He feels your prayers, thoughts, and love throughout the day. For those of you who sent along a thought, prayer, or inspiration on a postcard, he keeps those with him. Thank you so much. Blessings to you all. — Love, Diane

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your kind comments. We miss all of you. Hopefully Steve will see you next Monday as he hopes to stop in at work for a little bit.

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