All the Details – Part 2

Okay – here is the second blob of all the nitty gritty, the stats and stopping points for the second leg of the trip – Bozeman, MT to Centennial, CO.

Day 23, June 20, MondayWest Thumb, Yellowstone, WY to Moran Junction, WY
50.3 miles
3 hr, 50 min on the bike
13.1 mph avg
35.6 mph max – Diane and I, heading to the South Exit of Yellowstone
5 hr total time
Riding Companions – Diane (first 22 miles) and Laurie (last 28 miles)
1,264 miles cumulative

Day 24, June 21, TuesdayMoran Junction, WY to DuBois, WY
56.3 miles
4 hr, 55 min on the bike
11.4 mph avg
38.8 mph max – coming down the east side of Togwotee Pass
6 hr 30 min total time
1,370.3 miles cumulative

Day 25, June 22, Wednesday
DuBois, WY to Lander, WY (free camping)
78.9 miles
5 hr, 9 min on the bike
15.2 mph avg
37 mph max – somewhere – nothing spectial
6 hr 15 min total time
1,449.2 miles cumulative

Day 26, June 23, Thursday
Lander, WY to Jeffrey City, WY (with a side trip to see the Popo Agie river disappear into the mountain)
75.8 miles
6 hr, 21 min on the bike
11.9 mph avg
42.1 mph max – on the first downhill after Sweetwater – not steep but the wind was behind me
9 hr 30 min total time
1,525 miles cumulative

Day 27, June 24, Friday
Jeffrey City, WY to Rawlins, WY
69 miles
6 hr, 22 min on the bike
10.8 mph avg
30.0 mph max – on the last six miles into Rawlins, pedaling with the wind at my back
8 hr 30 min total time
1,594 miles cumulative

Day 28, June 25, Saturday
Rawlins, WY to Riverside, WY
62.2 miles
5 hr, 23 min on the bike
11.5 mph avg
25.2 mph max – somewhere, nothing special
7 hr total time
1,656.2 miles cumulative

Day 29, June 26, Sunday
Riverside, WY to Walden, CO
49.8 miles
4 hr, 23 min on the bike
11.3 mph avg
35 mph max – about 8 miles outside of Riverside
5 hr 30 min total time
1,706 miles cumulative

Day 30, June 27, Monday
Walden, CO to Stillwater campground near Grand Lake, CO
65.4 miles
5 hr, 34 min on the bike
11.7 mph avg
37.3 mph max – coming down from the top of Willow Creek Pass
7 hr total time
Riding Companion – Diane (22 miles to Rand)
1,771,4 miles cumulative

Day 31, June 28, Tuesday
Stillwater campground near Grand Lake, CO to Estes Park, CO
53.8 miles
5 hr, 5 min on the bike
10.5 mph avg
40.8 mph max – (cars kept getting in the way on the way down Trail Ridge Road)
7 hr total time
1,825.2 miles cumulative

Day 32, June 29, Wednesday
Estes Park, CO to Lake Standly, CO
86.9 miles
7 hr, 54 min on the bike
10.9 mph avg
42.4 mph max – coming down Left Hand Canyon
12 hr total time
1.912.1 miles cumulative

Day 33, June 30, Thursday
Lake Standly, CO to Centennial, CO
39.4 miles
4 hr, 19 min on the bike
9.0 mph avg
25.6 mph max – somewhere
9 hr total time
Riding Companions – Meri (35 miles), then we picked up Hailey and she rode in the Burley for 12 miles, then Steph rode the last 4 miles.
760.2 miles cumulative

Day 34, July 1, Friday
Rest day – AND my birthday!

Day 35, July 2, Saturday
Rest day

Day 36, July 3, Sunday
Rest day

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  1. Steven and family,
    i have been away in Europe for 16 days and was eager to find out what is going on with all of you, esp. Steve, of course. i am so impressed and thrilled to have this website! The photos are great and the narrative is fascinating. It is especially meaningful to me to see that you are able to connect my family members as you cross the country! I can’t imagine how you are handling the heat and other conditions. You must be in terrific shape. My kids are “following” you also.
    Steve, thanks so much for the post card from Lower Mesa Falls. Best of everything to all of you. i look forward to seeing you at the end of your trip. cousin Jean

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