Armadillos & a shower!!

What? Armadillos and a shower? Well, today I saw many armadillos across the Texas panhandle and all the way to Oklahoma city. Unfortunately for them, they were of the roadkill variety. Shower? Well, I heard from Steve and Johnny B tonight and the good news is that after two days without a shower, the Sandhills Motel has one!

Steve rode 65 miles today from Ellsworth to Mullen, NE. John road a little over 50. He rides 10 miles or so, turns around and goes back to get his van. Then he drives up to where he left off and repeats the process until he is satisfied with the amount of riding he does and/or meets Steve at the destination town. Today it hit 101 degrees. It was windy from the south, so it wasn’t too much of a factor for riding. It was helpful in keeping them cooler…not cool, but cooler.

Steve told me a little story about last night’s stop that occurred after we spoke. He made his way from Ellsworth to the little park where he was to camp. He was told to knock on the house door nearby to inquire about staying in the park. The woman said that he was welcome to pitch his tent. A little while later she came over and told him that he was welcome to take refuge in the one room schoolhouse next door if he’d like. Refuge meant the use of the kitchen, bathroom, and TV with OLN Tour de France coverage. There wasn’t a shower, but a sponge bath sufficed. Apparently the school had 10 students last year and the woman wasn’t sure what the enrollment would be this fall. Anyway, John found Steve as it wasn’t too hard in a town of 30 to miss Steve’s campsite or bike. This morning they enjoyed a bowl of Wheaties in the schoolhouse kitchen!

I’m in Oklahoma. Never been here before either. I have enjoyed making nostalgic stops along I-40 where it follows old US 66. Many of the little communities along the route have 66 museums or at least points of interest so I’ve stopped as I was moved to do so. One of the incredible stops today though was at a 118 foot tall cross. It was very moving! I’ve missed attending worship services this summer so it is just what I needed today, especially since it is a Sunday! I also saw many windmills across the panhandle of Texas. I stopped to take a few pictures (yup…I always take “Just a few”), including some of windmills. The one windmill was a Challenge brand, which was once manufactured in Batavia! Pretty cool.—Happy trails! Diane

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