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Steve is actually in a public library with access to the internet. I would not say I was forced inside because of the heat, but I am glad that the library in Rushville, NE is open. (I have no idea why the town is named Rushville. It seems pretty laid back to me.) I remember complaining about the cold, so I’m not complaining about the heat. Yet.

118 miles yesterday – and I’m paying for it. I ask my legs to go and they just look at me like – like the look cows give you as you are passing by – the look that says they have absolutely no comprehension. My legs seem to be going at one speed, so I guess I get to Gordon whenever I get there.

And, did I mention that it was 98 degrees in Hay Springs when I passed through? (Hay Springs – I saw hay, but I did not see any springs. And I can’t even come up with any reasonable scenario where hay would be springing.)

I went through a bit of road construction today. You would think that these areas could be dangerous, but all the construction zones have been safe, slow traffic, and I get a chance to talk to the flaggers who are all very concerned with my safety. I was a little fearful when I saw the first one and the sign said “Road constrution next 120 miles.” That was outside Riley, OR. Fortunately, they were working on just a few bridges spread out over the next 120 miles.

And did I mention that the wind is out of the south-south-east today? With the heat, wind, and road contruction (new asphalt can be very tacky) I anticipate a slow day. But that doesn’t bother my legs at all. They would have to pick up the pace a bit before I could say the pace was affected by the wind, heat, or road construction.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Hi Steve~

    Thanks for the two post cards, it was great hearing from you. We are so glad things are going well 😉 Hannah is excited for your visit in a couple of weeks. We got her new puppy (Emma) today and is she ever excited!!!! Bike on and continued good luck to you. Peddle safely.

    Love, Chuck, Annette and Hannah

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