Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hi…I’m in Santa Fe enjoyng a visit with Steve’s sister, Shelly, and her partner Pat, and our nieces Emma and Lucy. I’m pleased that I’ll be here to join Emma in celebrating her birthday!

We toured the surrounding area today, including Cerrillos and Madrid, and then made a few stops in Santa Fe. I love the adobe architecture and the bright colored doors and shutters that are so popular here. It makes for some striking photographs to capture the contrast of the earth-colored adobe with the colorful blooms of flowering vines, perennials, or annuals against a wall. Yesterday as I was driving into Northern New Mexico I noticed one managed forest fire and possibly another one that was natural and not managed. With the forest fires which are occuring in Arizona and New Mexico the smoke dissipates into the atmosphere and penetrates the ordinarily azul sky making it hazy instead. Right now a thunderstorm has decided to bring the scent of rainfall through the windows as we watch it drizzle and hear the rolling thunder. We noticed clouds brewing over the mountain ranges all day and wondered if we’d be privy to some desperately needed rain.

If you ever get to New Mexico, please consider purchasing a guide on the scenic routes in the state. I actually have taken quite a few Scenic Byways in Colorado and New Mexico now. I took one route yesterday on Route 64 that ran between Tierra Amarilla and Tres Piedras, which is the southern extension of the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains. Along the way I saw many deep green meadows filled with wildflowers. Then at the summit I looked to my left and was truly awestruck by the Brazos Cliffs. I guess that I was not expecting something so striking along that drive. The Cliffs reminded me a lot of photos by Ansel Adams that I’ve seen of El Capitan. Another tourist had stopped to take pictures and she said that an artist by the name of Bierdstadt had painted the Brazos Cliffs. I’ll have to check this out!

I am so grateful for the beautiful scenery that I am seeing on my road trip across the country and for the delightful visits with family and friends. Guess Steve and I will have to compare notes on our individual escapades!! —Later… Diane

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