Happy Birthday!!!

Time for everybody to call and bug Steve, it’s his birthday today.

He made it to Centennial yesterday, a nice 39.5 mile ride through the bike trails of Denver. Meri and Hailey rode along with him for most of the trip, and then Steph hopped on for the last few miles. Sounds like today is a definitely a rest day, hopefully Steve will find some time to post a few things from the last week.

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  1. Hey Steve,
    We are so enjoying your website. The kids love reading the updates and are having a blast checking out selcted webpages that Diane has suggested. We are so thankful for your safety thus far and pray for continued safety and health. We are anxioously awaiting you arrival in LT. BUT, if you find that it may be difficult for you to come this far south, we will be more than happy to come and meet up with you. Just keep that in mind, ok?
    We love you!!!!! KEEP ON BIKING!!!!!!

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