Manteno, IL

Steve and Jeremy arrived into Manteno right around noon today and will make that their stopping point. They rode 40 miles of which 15 miles was on Old Plank Road Trail. Mark, a friend from Steve’s company, and I arrived in New Lenox around 7:30 this morning so we could ride with Steve and Jeremy. We decided to ride the 15 miles to the end of the trail with them and then head back. It was one of the most pleasant 30 mile bike rides that I’ve experienced in awhile. It was refreshing to be off of roads and enjoying a paved trail for a change. We especially liked riding through Frankfort with its attractive park and downtown situated along the bike trail. They’ve taken the old Frankfort Granery and made it into a collection of little shops! We crossed Harlem and Cicero Avenues where they went through sururban neighborhoods rather than through heavily traveled urban and industrial areas to which we’re accustomed further into Chicago. Plus we went beneath I-57 as cars raced on the pavement overhead. How nice it is to be on a bicycle!!

The weather was heavenly this morning with a cool breeze, sunshine, and mild temperatures for July. The forecasted high today is 75 so I know that the guys are counting their blessings for the break in the heat wave. Tomorrow Jeremy and Steve will be heading south and east into Indiana, where I will pick up Jeremy at some point. Then he’ll need to get back and change the Illinois map on the website to blue!! — Happy Trails. Diane

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