Marion, IN

After a long day of riding 94 miles, Steve called about 6:15 this evening to let us know he made his goal of Marion, Indiana tonight. He was actually placing his call from a diner down the street from the little motel where he’ll be staying. Feeling calorie-starved from his ride, he didn’t even stop to shower or change after acquiring his room, but instead headed straight to a food source. They will be happy to see him walk into their establishment with his ravenous appetite accompanying him!! The guy eats like a teenage boy again, consuming nearly everything in sight. I believe he’s lost about 18 pounds and is basically a lean machine, but still he’s disappointed that the middle aged mid-section refuses to leave.

While he’s continuing his trek eastward on the American Discovery Trail, he did venture off the route a bit today onto another county road. Despite being somewhat flat terrain similar to Northern Illinois, the roads are tree-lined instead making a tunnel effect as he rides along. He said that it was a very pretty ride today. The temperatures were in the upper 80s and the humidity level was quite bearable. All in all he’s experienced great riding conditions since leaving Batavia on Tuesday. Tomorrow he will be entering Ohio as part of his day. Indiana being narrow made the trip fairly quick across the state. It’s quite a comparison to Oregon, Wyoming, and Nebraska with their wider girths.

I slipped over to church to see the VBS skit put on by the high school kids and much to might delight I saw several of my preschoolers who are attending VBS this week. What fun to see them and see how much they’ve grown! All of these little ones move along to kindergarten in a few weeks. And, several of the high school youth will be off to college in less than a month, so they too move along. It was great to reconnect with all of them.

Steph and I had an enjoyable bike ride this evening. We had Steph’s friend, Monte, over for dinner and relaxed over our meal on the deck without nagging mosquitoes (one benefit of the drought here). The windows are open and a cool breeze is wafting through the house. Whew…it’s a real contrast to last weekend. — Ya’ all have a nice weekend! Love, Diane

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