Nebraska & Kansas

Steve and our friend John have gradually made their way across the state of Nebraska. Yesterday they went from the Nebraska National Forest to Taylor, where they were greeted by Steve’s cousin Jan and her husband John and taken to his parents’ farm for an overnight stay. Steve rode 62 miles yesterday.

Today Steve went almost 90 miles from Taylor to Elgin. He said that John rode 62 miles today (remember that John has also had to keep driving his van as well each day, so he’s not been able to bike as far as Steve!) Tonight they had dinner at a corner gas station while waiting for the B&B owner to return to let them into their room. Tomorrow they ride into Norfolk, Nebraska where a number of Steve’s extended family live as well as some college friends of ours. We’re looking forward to seeing them all.

I’m in Kansas City, Kansas for a couple of days after leaving Derby yesterday morning. While I’m here, I am staying with my cousin Linda and her husband John. It’s been a lovely time catching up with them and just spending time together. I bicycled 20 miles on some of the trails which follow Tomohawk and Indian Creeks in their area. It’s very pretty with mature trees, birds, and some wildflowers. The only BAD thing was nearly running over a very large black snake. I have a snake phobia, so it unnerved me a little.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting Steve and Johnny B in Norfolk. It’s been nice to enjoy my travels across SW Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, but I’m truly ready to see my hubby again.—Stay tuned! Diane

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  1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s always so good to hear from you. We miss you and everyone back in Batavia too. We’ll probably be there in about a week and a half for a couple of days. Hugs to the Starzyk’s! Love, Diane

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