Almost Half Way

This bike trip is an adventure. I expected a lot from this adventure, and it is better than my expectations. The scenery, even the boring sagebrush desert, is wonderful. Even in the lonely places there is so much to see and contemplate. Everybody I meet is friendly. I am normally not a talkative person, but it is delightful to get to know people, even just a little bit, during our chance meetings. No dogs have chased me. Traffic has not been a problem.

The bike is performing flawlessly. I have only had two flat tires. My body is holding up. The normal aches and pains that normall accompany a 51 year old have disappeared. There are some days where I am really tired at the end of the day. But in the morning, I am eager to get back on the bike and find out how the day will unfold.

The western mountain ranges and their challenges are behind me. The Great Plains with winds, heat, and summer storms will present new challenges. I am looking forward, a bit apprehensively, to the new challenges. The coolness of the first two weeks will be fondly remembered.

Meeting up with friends and family in Bozeman, MT and Centennial, CO is wonderfully uplifting. Diane continues to be a morale booster beyond compare. Stephanie and Jeremy are incredible in all that they do to support this adventure.

At the same time, I miss family, friends, church, and – yes – even work. I remain very focused on the bike trip and each day’s bike ride, so it is a strange combination of thoughts and feelings when I think about the “normal” life that has been put on hold.


Happy Birthday!!!

Time for everybody to call and bug Steve, it’s his birthday today.

He made it to Centennial yesterday, a nice 39.5 mile ride through the bike trails of Denver. Meri and Hailey rode along with him for most of the trip, and then Steph hopped on for the last few miles. Sounds like today is a definitely a rest day, hopefully Steve will find some time to post a few things from the last week.