Richmond, IN

After riding 86 miles today, Steve decided to stop in Richmond, Indiana. Looking at the map, he’s only a few miles from entering Ohio. Today he missed a turn on the American Discovery Trail (ADT) and ended up riding on U.S. Route 35, which had wonderfully paved 2 foot wide shoulders. By continuing on Route 35, he cut off probably 15 miles from his route and nearly 2 hours of riding time. When he gets into Ohio, the ADT twists and turns, making it a 511 ride across the state. I would wager at this point in the game that he’s rethinking the ADT and formulating a more direct route. Once into Ohio he’ll purchase a more detailed map with county roads listed and determine his plan.

Also, you’ve likely heard the saying that “once a horse senses home, it takes off for the barn.” Steve said that he’s picking up speed and is very compelled to do the same thing. He just discovered that our family in Charlottesville is going on vacation soon too. We don’t want to miss them, so this is another reason for him to pick up his pace. For those friends and family members in Pennsylvania and Maryland, stay tuned for an update on his schedule! We’d still love to see you all…perhaps after he’s done???

This evening he’s in a Days Inn and feels good after a great day of riding. Indiana’s been very pretty, but he said that he’s ready for Ohio now! O…..HI..O

~~ Toodles, Diane

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  1. For those that may be a bit too young, or know music about as well as I do, the lyrics Ray quotes are from the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song “Ohio” written by Neil Young in response to the May 4, 1970 Kent State shootings.

    Just thought you would like to know.

    I did ride quickly across Ohio. I did not see any National Guard, nor could I find any wooden nickels. Ohioans seem to be honorable about not offering wooden nickels.


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