Updated and Ready to Go!

Well, between Jeremy, Steve, Stephanie, and I we have finally updated this website. Click on “The Map” above to find out Steve’s daily progress including the name of the town in which he stopped and the mileage for that day. Jeremy updated those today for everyone. As Jeremy’s time allows, he’ll continue updating “The Map” and the mileage count on the right of the page under “His Progress”.

Both Steve and I have added more photos. Fortunately for me I have a great tech-teacher in Steph as she gave me pointers on uploading. Please note that our photos pretty much go in reverse order chronologically…plus throw in the fact that I’m a novice at this….and you get to see the end result. In order to see captions, please click on “Steve’s Photos” or “Diane’s Photos” at the top of the page.

If you would like to make a reply comment to one of our postings, scroll to the bottom of that particular posting and click on the “No Comment” or “1 Comment”, etc. (No Comment means that no one has published a reply comment, 1 Comment means that one person has, etc.) You can then enter your email address and write your reply message to us. Your email address does not get published, only your reply comment.

Both Jeremy and Steve have been busy cleaning up their bicycles and looking over the map for the next few days. Steve heads back out on the trail tomorrow morning with Jeremy through Thursday. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Steve’s Trans-America bicycle ride. — Love, Diane

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  1. Steve, sorry to have missed you. Had to travel to CA after family vacation. I’m feeling very happy that you are enjoying your journey. You’re missed by many at work and we will look forward to your return. However, we are all pulling for your continued journey. Word has it that you are looking great! Fantastic. Keep pedaling. Remember, we need a hedgehog. You’re probably so into living in the moment that all you can think of is the next 1,000 feet of travel. Peace!

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