Winamac, IN

Steve and Jeremy again enjoyed some delightful riding weather today. They left Manteno, IL and rode across county roads into Indiana. This afternoon I drove to meet them at the junction of Indiana Route 10 and I-65 to pick up Jeremy and bring him back to his place in Batavia. He rode 42 miles with Steve today. Steve was so pleased to have the last few days of riding with his son. I know that Jeremy was happy to have the vacation time to join him. Yesterday it was fun riding with them and seeing the two of them together. It brings back warm memories of the two of them riding in July 1997 during their first RAGBRAI across Iowa and of times we’ve ridden as a family.

It was tough to say “see you later” to my hubby this afternoon as he rode on by himself. Thank goodness Jeremy was there to give me support. I’m so happy for Steve that his dream is coming true and that he’s having such an incredible summer. BUT 🙂 I do admit that it’s tough watching him ride away and out of sight. We’re hoping to meet up in about 2 1/2 weeks again. For him I just pray for safety, good health, continued physical stamina, and a great experience.

After Jeremy and I left for home, Steve rode eastward, ending in Winamac, Indiana and logging a total of 81.1 miles. This evening he’s hanging his hat….er…helmet at the Indian Head Motel for the night. Earlier possibilities (but not serious ones) were two nudist colony campgrounds in Indiana!! Whew!! Luckily there were high fences! And thank goodness for other more viable options down the road….granted it was 40 more miles down the road.

He’s currently riding on the American Discovery Trail and will follow it as much as he can across the rest of Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia. The American Discovery Trail covers over 6,800 miles and runs across 15 different states. The Trail includes some Rails to Trails, towpaths, and country roads that are typically less traveled ones. What’s nice about these country roads is that they veer off the beaten path providing a nice interaction with the surroundings and less of a need to watch for heavy traffic. This trail promotes non-motorized travel including hiking, backpacking, biking, or horseback riding. People have actually hiked over 5,000 miles on it!! Wow.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying an 11 day hiatus from traveling and being back at home. Despite the great adventure of traveling this summer, the bills need to be paid, the mail needs to be addressed (there is way too much junk mail in this world), the van needs to be serviced, and the flower beds need some extra nurturing. The best part of being back at home is to spend time with Jeremy and Stephanie. This reprieve also gives me a chance to make some phone calls to friends here, go out for coffee or lunch with some of them, bike ride in familiar surroundings, and reconnect briefly with some of the kids in our high school and college ministries at church. And, Zaney the cat is taking full advantage of extra lap time! — ‘Til tomorrow…..Diane

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