Charlottesville — AKA: Charlotsville, Charlotte’s Villa, and Ville du Charlot

Is it just me or is there something weird about the word, Charlottesville? Ok, don’t answer that, but just hear me out. The double-t just looks out of place before the double-l and it seems like there are just too many letters used overall, making the pronunciation much easier than writing it out. I don’t know, it’s probably just me. I tried coming up with a better spelling, but they aren’t going to listen to me anyway, so I’ll drop it.

ANYHOW. That’s where Steve is tonight. Hanging out on the grounds of Monticello with Polly and Glen. I’m sure that Jefferson would be impressed with Steve having ridden all the way from Oregon just to see his house on a random Thursday. And he thought declaring independence from Britain was difficult. Ha, bet he never tried this.

I haven’t talked to Steve yet, but I think it was a 35 mile day from Rockfish Gap and Big Meadows Lodge, the place where he stayed last night. Skyline Drive has now been completed, although not without a fight. Between the constant low cloud cover making everything wet and the average speed of just 8.5 mph, yesterday was probably one of the hardest day’s he’s had so far.

I’ll update you more on today’s ride when I hear it, but I’m going to guess for now that he’s having a good time visiting and relaxing.

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  1. Had a wonderful visit with Steve while he was staying with Polly and Glen.
    He looks “great” and we are very proud of his accomplishments!! Not far
    to go now Steve!!!! Sorry for the heat and humidity!! That’s just VA in the
    summer………Safe travels.

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