Lost and Found: The Alternate Titles

How Steve managed to turn a 62 mile ride into 77 miles.


Look left, look forward, look right, turn left, not forward, should have gone right.


Quintuple H: Steve Finds the Humor in Hilly, Hot, and Humid Headwinds.

There would be more titles and tidbits, but I forgot my notes at work, so I’m note even really sure where Steve is right now. Everything is just a wild guess. I do know that it was a funny day. Not “funny ha ha” at first, but more of an annoying funny that turned into a “funny ha ha” after the day was done. Now. I may have to correct myself later when I actually do have the notes in front of me, but here it goes:

You didn’t hear it from me, but according to an anonymous high ranking administration official, the guy who plotted out Ohio’s state highways was blindfolded and spun around several times before being let loose, causing generations of travelers to Rove around the country side.

If you look at Illinois, the roads go East, West, North, South and sometimes diagonal. Usually in a straight line. Always easy to figure out.

If you look at an overview of Ohio, you can’t tell if they were even meant to be roads with all the redundant twists and turns and multiple intersections.

This is why I am not surprised that Steve lost his original way today.

First, he started on Highway 50, with the intention of turning onto a specific county road. Both to get out of traffic and to work his way through to the town of Zaleski. Where the road was supposed to be, it wasn’t. So he kept going… and going… and going.

Several turns and roads later, at which point Steve had found his way again, he came to a fork in the road. But this wasn’t your normal every day two pronged fork in the road. No, not at all. This one had three choices. And you’ll never guess the best part.

Not One Road Sign

Three ways to go and nothing marking which way should be gone. Somebody dropped the ball on that one.

Steve consulted the map and performed some guesswork before deciding that the road he wanted to be on was to the left. So down the left road he went.

Don’t worry, he did get a picture to prove that this junction actually existed. I can’t wait to see that.

Sure enough, the road that looked so true was oh so extremely false. Turns out that he should have gone to the right. From that point it would have been a 3 mile ride into the town of Zaleski. Instead, Steve took the scenic 15 mile round-a-bout way.

This was ok though. He had a good time and a good laugh. He got to ride through the Zaleski State Forest, which he said was beautiful. And he even had a hawk fly in front of his bike a little before swooping back up to watch down on him from the trees.

I don’t think he had any problems getting from Zaleski to Athens, so that really was the excitement for the day. But I’m sure that he’ll be keeping a closer eye on the confusing road system tomorrow, just hoping that he’ll get into the sanity of West Virginia that much quicker. They have some squiggly highways, but at least they’re much more sparse.

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  1. Steve, Diane, Jeremy, Steph, read J.’s discription of the day – Oh, my goodness!! – that is a good example of “you just gotta laugh and move on” because the alternative does not help in the least. It just proves that the Lord and Holy Spirit are with him!! God Bless!! Love to all – Shirley

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