On the Road Again….

After an enjoyable 13 days at home, I’m heading out On the Road Again tomorrow. I’ll have my nephew, Drew, and his friend, Blake, both from Iowa with me this time. We’re looking forward to some great adventures on our road trip, including a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park. And, we’ll be finding many things to do in Great Smoky National Park during our week there. The best part of this trip will be rejoining Steve somewhere in Virginia in a couple of weeks.

I’m turning the reins over to Jeremy and Stephanie for postings on Steve’s progress. Feel free to keep in touch with us by using the comment box at the end of each posting. ~~ Toodles…Diane

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  1. Hi Sis,
    Ah..what a nice message. I’ve been doing a cut and paste routine with the comments we’ve received from 12mph.com since he was in Batavia and putting them on a word doc. I will print them off before I leave today and hand deliver them. Seems like he’s not intentionally seeking out internet access right now as he’s pretty focused on the ride. So it’ll give him some great encouragement the last two days of the trip to read all of these.

    Love you bunches,

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