One More Day!!

Hi everyone!

I got a phone call today from Steve and Diane. Steve rode 88 miles today to make it to Williamsburg. They are both staying there overnight tonight. Hopefully they know that the future has been realized and historic Williamsburg has brought George Washington back to life. An amazing triumph for a town living in the 18th century. Why hasn’t there been more coverage on this event? Oh well.

ANYWAY! 🙂 So he’s only got a few (15?) miles left to go tomorrow morning (or afternoon, he assured me it wouldn’t be that early). Just to make sure I’m waking up at 3am to await their phone call from the coast. And by 3, I mean 6:30. But all the same, as soon as he is finished either myself or Jeremy will be on-line right away to jot down some quotes from the experienced rider. Let’s all wish him the best of luck and send good vibes across the Smokies to Virginia!

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