Christmas is coming!

Hi everyone!

We’re not sure if anyone is checking out our web-blog anymore. We know that we said that we’d be updating as time permitted. Well, time has not permitted. However, we still are sorting through and editing the nearly 1,000 photos that we took. And, we continue to update our hand-written journals in an effort to get our experiences from the summer recorded. That being said, please patiently visit this web-blog occasionally just in case we have made progress. If we haven’t, please feel free to give us a gentle prodding by posting a message!! Once you post this message, it actually comes through to us at our email address too so we know you’ve posted something!

Once we have the photos edited, our plans are to write more in our web-blog postings as journals, include more photos, and tidy up the web-blog. Then we are hoping to actually print and bind our experiences so that we have a scrapbook through which to browse when we’re old and sedentary!!

Given all that, please have a very joyous Christmas and Happy New Year in 2006!
Steve and Diane