It is 2010 – and we are back – again!

Hi!, America at the Speed of Sanity is active again. We set up in 2005 to keep track of us during the bike trip summer. And now the next adventure has started. No, not another bike trip. We have not come up with a catchy name, so here is the long explanation. We are in the process of moving to Denver. Our stuff is there, but we do not have a home yet. Diane left her pre-school teaching job of six years. I left my software development job of 22 years. We left our volunteer youth ministry of 18 years. And all this because I am enrolled at the University of Denver seeking a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution. Diane is deciding her direction. Diane and I would like to do something together – as the studies progress we are sure the path will become clearer.

Life has been very hectic the last 18 months. We sold our home of 19 years and moved across Batavia into a duplex. We started the process of downsizing. And despite the move into the duplex last year and the recent move into storage space, we have a long way to go. Then college applications and deciding on a school occupied a lot of time and angst. Saying good-bye to work, friends, community, church, and family was emotionally draining. So it seems a bit ironic to relaunch the blog whose title asks us to slow down a bit. Still, that is our goal – to slow down, enjoy life, and try to follow God’s calling.

Diane and I struggle with what to call this adventure. Nothing as simple as 2005 Bike Trip comes to mind. We will post travel adventures, updates on life, reflections, and perhaps even some conflict resolution stuff.

Stay tuned,


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