Scotland here we come

Eight minutes on my internet connection to go. This will be quick. We leave for Scotland later today on  Ryan Air. Looks like we may have enough British pounds to hire a taxi for our first stop in Edinburgh. If not, we at least hope they accept Visa. Rain forecast for the next 10 days is calling for rain in Scotland. Perhaps it will only set the stage for a very dramatic landscape. We understand that there are very few trees in the Northern Highlands.

I’ve taken roughly 1400 photos in Sweden. Scotland will likely provide more picturesque opportunities. We will be staying in Edinburgh for two nights, then onto Lochcarron, where my great-grandfather Lachlan McLennan spent part of his childhood. There for 5 days then onto Durness in the very north of the highlights in great-great-grandmother MacKay territory as far as I can tell. Two nights along that rugged coastline with a family that raises Border collies. Then a long day’s drive to Ft. William to stay in a B&B. Bikes are rented in that area so we hope to at least get a bike ride while in Scotland. We are now debating our final night. Originally it was to be in Ayr, but I fear that we’ll be pressing ourselves to much for time, so we may just find a room near the airport in Edinburgh for our trip back to Sweden. One night back in Sweden before we fly back to Chicago.

Okay folks. About out of time on this computer at the hotel. Must run.

Love to all,


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