Tick..tick…ticking…time is ticking as we prepare for our trip to Sweden & Scotland. Less than 24 hours from now we’ll be en route to Stockholm, Sweden on SAS airlines for a much anticipated trip of a lifetime. We look forward to catching some shut-eye on the flight as we try to recuperate from a whirlwind month. Preparing to move our household, moving our household to Denver, putting our household into storage in Denver for 3 months, & traveling back to Batavia with stops to see family &  friends along the way, have all made us feel like we’re spinning. Copies of pertinent family history are made, travel documents prepared, and a month away has been carefully managed.

Sweden will involve a tour of Steve’s heritage including Olson (Felt), Ericson, Bengtson, & Anderson. Perhaps we’ll return to the states with a St. Lucia crown as a souvenir. Steve has carefully copied family history that cousins have provided so that we can more readily search for more information or at the very least know where family once lived. After 13 days in Sweden, we will fly to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scotland will be the place to capture my McLennan heritage in the Scottish Highlands. With great-grandfather Lachlan’s journal in tow, I hope to discover more information about him and his family, who immigrated from Slumbay, Lochcarron. Additionally we’ll stay at locations along their immigration route. Perhaps from Scotland we will return with a kilt!

Our Swedish stays maintain that we’ll have internet access, whereas our Scottish stays may be hit and miss. Therefore, we’ll update as time, language challenges, and internet access permit.

Please keep in mind that if you post a comment, this is a public site. We would encourage you not to provide information that would breach your privacy. That being said, we do hope you’ll keep us posted as well.



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  1. My sweet friends,

    Have a wonderful trip and I am keeping you in my prayers for safe and a very enjoyable time! I hope you find some new cousins to keep in touch with.

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