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Our drive today successfully took us to Murdo, South Dakota. Warm, humid weather and some showers this morning followed by shifting winds through the weather front, brought us drier, cooler temps by the time we arrived in Murdo. Green, lush Minnesota with its rolling hills, tall corn, and thriving soybeans on family farms shifted to large tracts of wheat, hay, and alfalfa with very few fences across large ranches in South Dakota. Oh, and yes, roadrunners trying to cross the interstate from their nesting haven in the ditches also caught our attention.

However, the best part of the day was the billboards lined along South Dakota’s I-90. Here are some of the best billboard messages thus far: “Dick’s 24 Hr. Toe Service”; “Days Inn: Vintage Dolls”, “Ditty’s: Eat here (then get gas).”, “Bel Aire Motel: Great rates. Imaginary friends stay free!”, “Gas now. Or gas can later.”; “Wall Drug: Do lunch or be lunch!”; “Pioneer Auto Museum: Check out our muscle!”

Off for some shut-eye.

Diane & Steve

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