Jet Lag

Well, we made it back “home”. Since we don’t have a home, the abode of Steph & Shane certainly works…or enjoying a pizza meal around Jeremy & Michelle’s table works….or just plain being back with them is “home”, since “Home is where your heart is!”

Having pulled countless all-nighters in college for a variety of reasons, I can honestly say that pulling one yesterday was not the best way to cure what ailed us, namely Jet Lag. We were up for 23.5 hours. Today hasn’t been too bad, so maybe it paid off to force a long day.

I just downloaded photos from our trip. Being the shutter bug that I am and especially with my Nikon digital SLR, it was easy to rack up 2600 photos! Yikes. Would you like to sit down for a slide show??? 🙂 Looks like someone will need to work on trimming down that number.

Alrighty. Carry on with your July, stay cool, sip lemonade, and take time to play. We will journey onward as well!



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